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40 Redes sociales y Aplicaciones móviles para conocer gente por Internet

Grow your youth ministries and schools by finding homes with kids by age group. Read more Advantages of a walk-in shower 11 August Walk-in or barrier-free showers are growing in popularity and more frequently used in the modern bathroom.

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Hola Lidia, ciertamente me parece una gran iniciativa la vuestra. La tendremos en cuenta de cara a futuras actualizaciones de este contenido. Muchas gracias, me alegro que te haya sido de utilidad.

Ya he hecho varias encuentros. Hola Ismael, que buen material nos compartes en este post. La verdad es que como bien dices, el que no conecta con otras personas afines y no hace Networking es porque no quiere, ya que con todas estas redes sociales tiene mil y una formas de establar amistad con otras personas.

Badoo - Conoce gente nueva. La app de chat y dating. Sapio — Intelligent Dating. Sapio — Dating Evolved. Salir y conocer solteras. Threesome App for Dating Swingers, Couples: Grindr - Chat gay.

Grindr - Chat y encuentros gay. Wapa - Citas Lesbianas. Muapp - Ladies first. Muapp - Ladies First. Shakn - Buscar pareja. Solo gente REAL y respetuosa. Rosa meliro el 15 agosto, a las 7: Laura Rodriguez Medina el 21 julio, a las 5: Esperanza Ramirez el 15 julio, a las Un saludo desde Colombia Responder.

Lidia el 17 mayo, a las 6: Ayan Maikel Guerra Fonseca el 10 mayo, a las Pull out a map! Frustrated by high mailing costs? Unfortunately, most churches in America fall into one of two categories: Now there's a better way. You have so many different groups of neighbors that need to be reached with different approaches.

The Online Community Connector empowers you to see your mission field and filter lists of homes within minutes that are most likely to respond to your specific outreaches. Discover your Mission Field Sweet Spot. Easily map your church homes and discover your strategic neighborhoods Every church has a mission field "sweet spot" where they will find their "Low Hanging Fruit" - i.

But it also is determined by how your member homes are distributed. Those neighborhoods with multiple member homes are your strategic neighborhoods which deserve special attention from your leadership team. For example, you will probably want to subscribe to receive monthly list of new neighbors moving into your strategic, highly occupied member neighborhoods. Introduce your members to each other when they are neighbors One of the most important applications of the Online Community Connector is to introduce your church families to each other when they live in the same neighborhoods.

Most churches are shocked when they discover how few of their members know each other when they live in the same neighborhoods. Is your church "building centered" or "missionary sending"? Almost every staff person works in the building and plans bigger and better events with the "Build it and they'll come" mentality. Turn more visitors into members by connecting neighboring church homes If you don't do anything with the Online Community Connector other than to map your recent visitors and and mobilize your closest members to connect with them, you will multiply your return on investment many times over.

Your members who are neighbors are far more likely to connect and build sustaining friendships than the typical follow-up visitation teams that don't live nearby. Imagine being able to quickly create a list and maps of neighbors who have probably never heard the Gospel, based on their ethnic groups and languages spoken in the home. Winner of the eXcelerate Award from MissioNexus "for innovation in helping churches accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

There are so many ways the Online Community Connector can help your church grow stronger and fulfill the Great Commission in your own backyard. Watch these short videos to learn more

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